Hassle-FREE Returns

Hassle-FREE 14 Days Returns

We're confident that you'll fall in love with your item as soon as it arrives. But if, for any reason you wish to return an item, you may do so within 14 days of receiving your item for a full refund (except for bespoke and made-to-order pieces). 

To cancel or return your order, please email us.

Returned items must be in a resalable condition (for example not have been partly or fully assembled, or incurred any damage when hung on a wall) and you are responsible for their safe return including the cost of postage. We can collect for a pre-agreed fee (usually £15 - £49 depending on item size/weight/fragility) or you can arrange to return items yourself.

We will replace items that arrive faulty or damaged for free. If you decide you do not want a fault-free replacement item, the item will be considered an unwanted item and you will be liable for the return cost. If a product arrives damaged, or we made an error, and it cannot be remedied with either a full replacement or replacement parts, we will pay to return the item to us.

Accepted Returns

We will only accept returns if items have all of their original packaging as that is how we can ensure the item is adequately protected on its way back to us. If items are not returned in their complete original packaging, a 20% packaging fee may be charged - this represents the price reduction that a future buyer will expect for an item without its packaging. Further reductions to the refund may be made if the item shows signs of use or damage.

If you cancel an order that has already been shipped, or if we fail to deliver an order because you are not at home or there are access difficulties that we have not been made aware of in advance, we may deduct delivery costs from the refund owed.

Cancelling discounted orders

If a discount was provided when you placed your order, we'll have provided this based on you spending a certain amount with us. If any part of the discounted order is subsequently returned, this will lower your spend with us and therefore may make you ineligible for the discount. As such, we reserve the right to remove the whole discount provided on your full order from the refund you are due. Please contact us to discuss this if you wish to return part of a discounted order.